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We are still Opened!

Do Ensure to book your appointment first. 

MASK up and let us do our part

during phase 2 (Heightened Alert)

We design great hairstyles for you!

At IntrimHair, we offer great hair services at affordable prices!

We take pride in crafting and transforming your hair, 

“I have been colouring my hair at In trim for close to 12 years!!! and I have never experience anything like flaking scalp or extreme pain.”

“I also did my C curls at In trim. and they definitely look great after wash & blow and styling but I'm happy with my day to day lazy upkeep. I jus make sure they I use the RD treatment cream so that my hair will not be dry and blow dry my hair and tying it up while doing my make up. and so far I have been able to achieve a natural hairdo. (And that's what I really did for my picture 🤗)Cheers. 🤓”

Cheryl Chng

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