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“Non-food related: many friends have asked me why I have always kept my hair wavy and if my curls are natural or permanent.. Most of them have the misconception that wavy hair is hard to manage. Truth is, permed wavy hair is the easiest I don’t have to spend hours trying to keep my hair in place. Just blow dry, occasionally twisting the tresses with my fingers and I’m done! And I’ve not been combing my hair for ermmm… 2 decades?? (lazy) If you are someone like me who wants curls but not look like the 包租婆 in the movie, 功夫, natural wavy curls is definitely for you..I’m lucky to have my regular stylist (Jessie, Director Stylist) @intrimhairsalon to get this natural, hassle free hairstyle!”

Rachel Tay


Aperia #01-09

12 Kallang Avenue
Singapore 339511

Phone: +65 68363181

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